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Man Narrowly Escapes Death As Stray Bullet Misses His Head And Hits His Monitor While Playing Video Game (Photos below)



A man living in America has narrowly escaped death after a stray bullet entered his home in Atlanta, Georgia.

@YTMikeCheck took to Twitter to share his survival story on Thursday, 26, and shared pictures of the impact.

He said he was playing a video game in his room when the bullet suddenly struck his monitor, missing his head by about three inches.

”A stray shot from someone yesterday almost hit my head while I was playing apex. At most missed me by 3 inches and hit my left monitor. Wtf is life”, he wrote.

However, some persons didn’t believe his story and accused him of lying about the incident for social media clout.

Some others questioned why he chose to share it on social media instead of reporting the incident the police.

In response to the Doubting Thomases, the young man, whose tweet has garnered over three hundred thousant reactions, shared pictures of the entry hole of the bullet to clear any doubt.

He captioned the pictures,

“Haters are wild! After something traumatic like this I cant believe ppl telling me I did this myself bc at the time of posting I forgot to include the pics of entry holes. Blaming the victim is wild, especially on their own assumptions. I’m just happy I’m safe.”

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