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‘How A Friend Advised My Wife To Divorce Me After I Got Her Visa, Flight Ticket’ – Man Reveals



A Ghanaian man who is based in Italy and named Francis Wiredu has shared his story and it involves his wife…

According to him, someone he perceives as his friend ‘advised’ his wife to divorce him and this ‘advice’ came at a time when he got a visa and flight ticket for her to come live with him in Italy.

He indicated that his friend told his wife that he was probably cheating on her with another woman in Italy and he made this known in an interview on SVTV Africa.

In his submission, he said;

“I came to Ghana every two years. I have records of all the monies I’ve sent to her, but she told my family members that I wasn’t feeding her and that we had no communication. I sacrificed a lot to process her passport, visa and ticket. I even had to move into a new apartment because the old one was not big enough for the four of us. A week before her flight was due, she told my family that she was not interested in the marriage anymore.

“Due to our jobs, we don’t find time to go out for such things. It is even difficult for me to go to the bar once a year. You are always tired. I won’t have that trust to keep her here while I stay in Italy.”

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