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Teenage Girl Cried Out In Pains On Her Wedding Day After She Was Forced To Marry An Old Man



Marriage is not by force but rather by agreement between two people who love themselves so much that they are ready to settle as husband and wife. Gone are the days when parents find a wife or husband for their children.

Now, things have changed, and most people no longer want their parents to choose their partners for them. There are many times when people also speak against parents giving out their children for marriage at a very young age.

In a video that is causing talk on social media, a young girl was seen crying bitterly on her wedding day after she was allegedly forced to marry an old man she doesn’t love. In the video, you can see the young girls mother wiping her daughter’s tears before accepting the man as her husband.

Such things normally happens when the man is wealthy and the parents want their daughters to marry into a wealthy family. What advice do you have for the young woman and her mother?

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