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Mother Marries Her Own Son, Claiming That She Spent A Lot Of Money On His Education (Details below)



The mother weds her own son with the justification that she invested a significant amount of money into his education and that she would not see her investment go to waste.

The news of their marriage has been met with strong opposition in Malawi as well as elsewhere in the world.

A newspaper from Malawi quoted the woman, whose name was Memory Njemani, as saying that she married her son because she had spent a lot of money on his education.

She is of the opinion that she cannot labor for another person in order for them to benefit from her sweat; hence, she must enjoy the fruits of her investment.

“I spent a significant amount of money on my son’s education. Why should it be fair that another woman should be married to him and profit from the time and effort that I have invested in him? It is not going to work out like that. She grumbled, “I’m marrying my kid so that we don’t empower other ladies who have been aborting. “She was referring to the practice of having an abortion.

Internet users, on the other hand, say that the mother forced her son to marry her and that no man in his right mind would agree to such an arrangement.

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