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When You Need An Immediate Help From God, Read This One Verse From The Bible Before Bed (Details below)



Make These Prayer Requests To God.

1. Greetings, Father and Lord! In the name of Jesus, I pray that any attempt by my foes to control my life and destiny will fail.

2. Any man or woman who is plotting something terrible against my life will be put to death in the name of Jesus Christ.

3. In the name of Jesus, I declare that everything I put my hands on will be successful.

Simply by reading and praying these prayers with faith, you will witness how God will work miracles in your life in Jesus’ powerful name.

Psalm 25: 1-3

My supplication has been brought to you, O Lord. God, you are the one in whom I place my trust. Please save me from the embarrassment of losing. Don’t let my foes take advantage of me.

Those who are quick to revolt against you will bear the brunt of the consequences, not those who have put their trust in you.

Psalm 119: 169-172

Please, Lord, hear my cry for help. Please stick to your word and have sympathy for me. Pay listen to my cries for help, and deliver me in accordance with your word.

Because you have taught me your commandments, I will sing your praises for as long as I live. I’m going to write a song about your law since I think your principles are sound.

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Our God is a trustworthy entity who has promised to answer our prayers whenever we pray to him. “I alone know the plans I have for you, “he says in Jeremiah 29: 11,” plans to bring you success rather than tragedy, plans to bring about the future you hope for.” He is the only one who knows what he has planned for US.

You have not received solutions to your problems because you are praying to the wrong person or object.

Always pray to God, and you can be sure that he will listen. In order to see how God will work for your cause, you must read the following psalms.

Psalm 123, Verses 1-3

I lift my eyes to you, Lord, who reigns as king in the sky. We will continue to seek mercy from you, Lord our God, until you show mercy to us, just as a maid is reliant on her mistress. Lord, have compassion on us because we have been treated with such disrespect and contempt.

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