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“If 10,000 Christians Carry Guns, Can We Manage The Break Of Law And Order?” – Apostle Orokpo Michael Asks (Details below)



“Also on Monday we had 3 interesting prayer points and we are already seeing changes. The first is that the lord should turn their counsel into foolishness so that every plan they make will go backward. The second prayer is that the Lord should divide their house, for a house divided against it self cannot stand, and the third prayer is that God should amplify everything so that he can invoke fear in their camp.

“You see, when things like these occurs, people began to make some emotional statement and this show the infantile nature of the body of Christ. The unfortunate part is that those who were supposed to be leaders are the ones making these emotional statement

“There are 200 million people in these country with 6 geo political zone. If 10,000 untrained personal carry guns from each zone, can we maintain the break of law and order? Can we account for them? Can we manage the violence?

“These things can only be addressed in the spirit, because there are spiritual involvement. Even animals have mercies on children, but these people don’t and they need to be addressed in the spirit realm before strategic plan can be made to hold power against them.”

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