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Money Can’t Buy Peace Of Mind – Rudeboy (Paul Okoye) Says After His Brother Said He’s Scared Of Poverty



Paul Okoye Rudeboy has made us understand that money can’t buy peace of mind after his brother Peter Okoye said the only thing he’s scared of in life is poverty..

Peter Okoye in an interview days ago said that the only thing he’s scared of in this life is to go broke because he has tatseted poverty and knows how bad it is being poor hence that’s the only thing he’s scared of.

His twin brother Paul Okoye (Rudeboy) in a post on her InstaStory reminded us that money can’t buy peace of mind so as you work hard for money, try and make sure it doesn’t take away your peace of mind because money can’t buy that.

This shows that the two brothers have what they both are scared off and one’s own is not having peace of mind while the other’s own is becoming poor since he knows how it is to be poor and he doesn’t want to taste that again.

Taking the two from a different perspective, you can work hard to have money if you’re scared of poverty like Peter Okoye but then you just have to understand that having money can never buy you peace of mind Rudeboy said.

screenshot below;

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