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Wife creates a chat group, adds all her husband’s sidechics to discuss him



A woman has created a group chat and added the perceived side chick of her husband including a woman the husband met two days ago.

The name of the man was Mr Drew. Members of the group later find out that the woman was the wife of the man

One of Drew’s co-worker was added to the group and exposing the alleged wife, saying they are separated now

One of the side chick of the man was privately talking to the man about the group, now, the man also wanted to join the group to clear is name.

According to the lady, she found herself in a WhatsApp group chat that was created by the alleged wife of the man she met three days ago. She disclosed that she realized that she was in the group with 8 other women.

The lady stated that ever since the group was created, it has been one drama over another. She disclosed how his wife who had five children with the man in question started the conversation on the page but did not introduce herself as the wife. So two of the side chics also contributed to the chat and there was drama and chaos on the page.

She also reported how one of the side chics shared screenshots of what was happening on the page which also caused a commotion.

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