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I was s#xually abused by my stepfather from age 11 to 17 — Singer Temmie Ovwasa



Temmie Ovwasa has shared how her step-father s3xually abused her for 6 good years (from age 11 to 17) and the sad part is her mother never believed her when she opened up and confronted him..

Temmie Ovwasa has said countless times that she’s not attracted to men and this post makes us realize that being abused by her step-father for 6yrs might be a reason and the worst part of it all is that they think she’s mentally unstable whenever she speaks out..

According to her, her step-father wrote it in his diary which her mother found but believed his words of not penetrating her hence she felt it was okay since her husband didn’t penetrate her young daughter who was s3xually abused.

Adding that when she told her mother about it years later probably, she asked why she didn’t confront her stepfather which she did last year yet her mother never believed her and wasn’t bothered that she hasn’t been home for 10yrs.

The pain and anger Temmie Ovwasa bottled up because of this molestation from her stepfather may influence a lot of decisions she has made as an adult now and that includes not attending her mother’s burial/funeral when she finally passes on and that’s really sad.

screenshot below;

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