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“Daddy is always using his phone” – Reactions As E-money’s Sons Makes A Birthday Shout-Out Video



Popular Nigerian Businessman E-Money stirred mixed reactions amongst his followers on social media with a heartwarming birthday shout-out video filmed by his children..

The three boys took turns to say nice things about their dad and also wish him well ahead of his 40th birthday celebration.

The boys—from eldest to youngest—took turns to share what they like about their dad and mention some of his traits around the house.

E-Money’s first son, David, also had great things to say about him while noting that he wants to emulate his ways in future.

The second-born mentioned how E-money is a man who goes the extra length to care for his family members.

Interestingly, the last born of the family, Deandre, appeared to be the chatterbox as he made some unexpected revelations about the business.

He said E-Money is always on his phone and also mentioned that he uses the belt on him whenever he is angry. Deandre added that the businessman also yells at his workers when they are found wanting.

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