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“People Don’t Care About Your Life Struggles Until You Die” – Eniola Badmus Speaks On Depression



Veteran actress, Eniola Badmus, has accused people of not caring enough for people battling depression yet pretend to be shocked when they die..

The role interpreter slammed people for not showing care to people battling depression until they pass.

In a post shared on Snapchat and reposted by Instablog, the movie star recounted how she opened up to a friend about dealing with mental health issues.

According to her, not only did the said friend accuse her of using mental health as an excuse, but also gossiped about the actress and mocked her over some things she was going through at the time.

The actress explained that this is the reason people dealing with such issues keep to themselves as they are often being made to feel like it’s their fault.

She wrote: “Moral lesson is people don’t care about your life struggles until you die. They’ll rather see you dead than help you as needed. For everyone struggling with mental health illnesses, you’re not alone and you’ll be fine. Keep getting better and don’t let the mindless and empty-headed people stop you from seeking help when you need it. Someone will be courageous enough to stand up for you.”

Reactions culled belo0w:

iam.crazyvines: “ So True. I get stigmatized and mocked.”

dollippizle: “Depression is real…if you’ve not been there you’ll never understand. It’s not a good place to be.”

folashaddee: “When you Speak up they Tend to Mock instead of Helping.”

massage_and_fitness_lagos_abj: “Just pray to God when deprexxssed and have a massage. Relax and be taken care of.”

rollupstar: “Nobody cares if you speak up just fix yourself privately ”

barrisangel1: “Depression is real. Seek help but mind who you seek it from May God grant us inner peace✌”

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