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16-Year-Old Young Boy Forced To Marry 22-Year-Old Lady After Impregnating Her



A 16-year-old Nigerian boy has been forced to marry his girlfriend who happens to be 22-year-old after he got her impregnate..

The two lovers have welcomed a baby boy and during the naming ceremony of the child, they seized the opportunity to also exchange their marital vows.

A video from the naming-cum-traditional wedding ceremony has surfaced online and the two fresh couples can be seen to be very happy with each other to have officially finalized things.

Critics have fumed at both the lady and guy’s parents for allowing such an abomination to happen right under their noses.

Because the guy is still in school and also a minor so how can he take care of his wife and the child they’ve given birth to.

This and many other profound questions are being asked by netizens after the video went viral.

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There are certain things in life that we cannot run away from no matter what how hard we try to, and we do not know how they might affect our entire lives someday.

After meeting a potential wife material, some men do not hesitate to put a ring on them, which is a very good thing also, but not all of those men have the immunity to resist any kid of temptation that comes their way . This is why some of them end up conceiving children out of wedlock.

When the abovementioned happens, a man finds himself under the stress of coming clean to his wife about what came out of his darkest ways. A child is always regarded as a blessing from God. A wife cannot easily accept being conceived by her husband with another woman especially when that woman had no kids of her own.

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