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Social Media Users Tease Lady Whose Boyfriend Of 4 Years Dumped Her To Marry Her Best Friend



Many ladies tend to sit down for men to dictate when or whether they will marry them after sweet talking them..

Most of these ladies are often lied to as the men do not marry them but rather marry others after wasting their time.

Sometimes these ladies are often destroyed by their own friends whom they trusted and introduced their guys to them.

This is the case of this lady whose best friend snatched her boyfriend from her.

That is her boyfriend or fiancé of 4 years met her friend through him but now the friend is married to her boyfriend.

The sad incident was shared by the lady on social media which has become the talk on social media.

On Twitter, she uses the username @Lorrain87160050.

Lorrain explained that she has been dating the guy for four good years and had even planned marriage with him before the guy came to meet her best friend whom she introduced casually as every friend would do.

But just within 6 months, her friend has overtaken her and is now married to the friend in traditionally with the only stumbling block left being the court paper signing.

Loraain wrote:

“My boyfriend of 4 years is marrying someone he met through me 6 months ago, I don’t understand.”

Social Media users after coming across the post did what they know to do best by slamming the lady for waiting and allowing her friend to snatch and overtake her to marry her boyfriend.

Some of them teased her for being weak whereas the rest advised her on what to do with the remaining sounding a caution.

Here are some of the reactions;


“It’s funny how you make it look like it was her fault, that she’s on the wrong”


“what don’t you understand ma’am?”

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“Maybe it hasn’t sunk in yet. Maybe it still feels like she’s dreaming”


“The real truth…

You became boring. The guy just had enough of the same routine, the normal comfort zone, the mundane relationship that was going nowhere. How I figured this out? The woman he married took the plunge while the relationship was still fresh.

Waiting is a weakness!”


“Dear ladies. Please know we men can date you for more than 5 years knowing that I am not going to marry u. Ur not the ideal wife in the head. Simple.”


“Question os.. why? Why waste so many yrs?”


“Please understand and don’t take out too heart because clearly he is going to see colors he hasn’t seen from that new woman and will want to crawl back to you… Don’t take him back!!”


“Tricky advice Kat. He might not even come back, duration is not quality when it comes to relationships. I just think the guy was not nice to have put her through the trauma. He could have left her gabotse and moved on to someone new. Unless he didn’t cheat then… Ke life”

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