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Icardi reveals how his affair with Wanda began right under Maxi Lopez’s nose



Marriages breaking down due to outside affairs has become a very common issue in today’s world. The one in the football fraternity that is still causing some controversy is the marriage of Mauro Icardi to his former team-mate, Maxi Lopez’s, ex-wife, Wanda Nara..

It all began with an iPad

Writing in an upcoming autobiography, Icardi opened up about how Wanda’s request for an iPad was where it all began. “The day before I left for a friendly tour in the US, I got a message from Wanda,” he writes in Sempte Avanti.

“I was surprised because I usually spoke with Maxi, not with her. She asked me if I could buy a new iPad in the US, it wasn’t available yet in Italy at that time. That episode, however, made me think. Did Wanda really want that tablet, or was she seeking an excuse to get in touch with me?” he continued.

“When I came back in Milan, one of the first things I did was to get reacquainted with Wanda. As I had to hand her the new iPad, that would have been the perfect excuse.”

After that, the Argentine forward continued to stay in touch with Nara.

“We texted many times, and it was at that time that we started talking about us a bit more freely. She wrote to me: ‘Mauro, we [Maxi Lopez and her] are going for a ride to the Aeolian Islands with Gonzalo Bergessio and his wife. Why don’t you come with us?’” he explained.

“Of course I wanted to. While I was alone on the second floor of the boat, lying on the couch and listen to a bit of reggae, Wanda all of a sudden came and sat beside me, without any embarrassment. At that time her relationship with Maxi Lopez was ending.”

Branded a ‘traitor’

The talented forward has faced a lot of criticism for his part in the breaking up of Nara and Lopez’s marriage. As Diego Maradona brewed a war of words with Mauro Icardi, labelling the former Inter captain as a ‘traitor’.

Icardi wasn’t one to sit back and take the insult quietly as he also made a scathing reply, claiming that the Argentine legend loved making a mess out of situations.

And it doesn’t end here as Inter manager, Frank De Boer, also joined the battle to defend his player by claiming that Icardi’s reply to the Napoli legend was the right thing to do.

None of this seems to have affected Icardi’s form however as he has continued where he left off last season. The 23-year-old has scored 6 goals in 7 games for his club this season.

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