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Checkout Yemi Alade’s Reaction The Moment Ed Sheeran Said He Prefers Ghana Jollof To Nigerian Jollof



The reaction on songstress Yemi Alade’s face when American superstar Ed Sheeran said he prefers Ghana Jollof to that of Nigerian one even though he hasn’t tasted it shows she wasn’t happy at all..

Yemi Alede shared some photos where she linked up with Ed Sheeran and some other people and their conversation led to the fight between Ghana Jollof and Nigerian Jollof that almost everyone has been arguing their own is the best.

Ed Sheeran in the video was telling Yemi Alade that he prefers Ghana Jollof and according to Yemi Alade, he hasn’t even tasted Nigerian Jollof and he has already chosen Ghana Jollof over Nigerian Jollof which means he’s not interested in even tasting it to see how it is.

Yemi Alade made her face as a baby who was angry with her parents and was stamping her feet on the ground but Ed Sheeran was just laughing at her. Yemi Alade is making it great and putting Nigerian entertainment and Africa as a whole out there and she has indeed been underrated for long.

The reaction from fans and netizens were expected as the Ghanaians on her page were so excited that Ed Sheeran said he prefers Ghana Jollof and the Nigerians were trying to defend that theirs is better as always but it’s all good to see that Yemi Alade is going places and putting Africa out there.

So @teddysphotos Started arguing about Ghanaian and Nigerian jollof 😆😅🤣😂(he hasn’t eaten Nigerian jollof yet oo ,the battle hasn’t been won)

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