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#BBNaija: You mental patient! – Boma and Angel fight dirty (Full Video)



This is how the ANGEL and BOMA fight started and ended

A lot of derogatory words were said by both Boma and Angel. Other housemates had go intervene to stop both from going physical.

Angel issued a stern warning to Boma never to speak to her in the house.

Problem started when Boma confronted Angel and accused her of calling him kiss and tell.

Boma hurled insults at Angel’s family members and also said BBNaija platform was her biggest achievement.

Angel, responding insulted Boma, warning him not to ever use her as a highlight in the house.

Angel screaming at Boma said: “I made it here and it’s a big deal and if it’s not you wouldn’t be here at your age.

“You’re looking for who to use for highlight. You’re mad, you’re forming bad boy here for who? Don’t act like a saint.

“I worked to be in this house, don’t ever speak to me in this house. You’re a mad person.

“Don’t ever in your life tell me this will be my biggest achievement.

“Don’t ever mention my family in your life, you cannot bully me. We would meet outside.

“At your age, you’re here with me, a 21-year-old. We are on the same level. You’re just a child.”

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