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BUSTED! Alleged Leaked Chat Of Bobrisky That Shows She Lied About Doing Her Butt



A supposed leaked chat of Bobrisky shows that he lied about traveling to enhance his butts as the photos she has been posting are all edited and filtered.
Bobrisky a few months ago claimed he was traveling the Dominican Republic to go under the knife and enhance her butt to look perfect with her shape just like most female celebrities and even claimed she didn’t get anything big to deform her..

But an alleged leaked chat shows that the perfect photos she has been sharing on social media are all edited ones and not that he went under the knife to get it as he has been claiming and some fans are disappointed in her.

The leaked chat that is supposedly from Bobrisky shows the crossdresser asking someone to edit her photos for her by giving her a gigantic nyash so she can post on her birthday and she got exactly that which she posted.

Some netizens didn’t seem surprised because they believed Bobrisky was just catching cruise with all that but those who believed him felt somehow disappointed in him for deceiving them saying they would never believe anything he says again.

Bobrisky is the cruise master now hence almost everything she does is just for the gram and not real but unfortunately, some people believe most of the things she says and they keep getting disappointed whenever the truth comes out.

screenshot below

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