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He Did Bl0od Money, Well He Made It! Can You Say The Same For Yourself? – Fan Slams Obi Cubana Critics



A fan has slammed critics criticizing billionaire entrepreneur and CEO Of Cubana group, Obi Cubana and his friends for spending a huge sum of money on the burial of his mother..

According to the fan, he doesn’t see the need for people to be talking bad about Obi Cubana and his friends spending their hard-earned money lavishly on the burial and funeral service of his mother in his home State.

She said Obi Cubana didn’t force anyone’s girlfriend to come to his mother’s funeral. So people can spread rumors that he is into blood money but the fact is he has made it in life and before you start criticizing him, as yourself if you are on the same level with him.

Before you trash talk obi cubana and his friends for spending their hard earned money in his state, mind you he didn’t force any of your girlfriends to come for his mothers burial so if you like say “He did blood money” well he has made it!! can you say the same for yourself ??

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