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Tobenna Descends On Kanayo O. Kanayo, Alex Ekubo For Joking About Ladies Attending Cubana’s Mother’s Burial



Tobenna Obiano, a Nigerian writer, has turned to social media to criticize actors Kanayo O. Kanayo and Alex Ekubo for making a joke of Obi Cubana’s mother’s burial..

In a video published on social media, renowned actor Kanayo O. Kanayo humorously advised men to keep an eye on their girlfriends this weekend, claiming that the most of ladies traveling for the weekend will most likely be going to Obi Cubana’s mother’s burial in Oba, Anambra state.

He said.

“If you are in Lagos and Asaba and your girlfriend has told you she’s going for weekend, she is in Oba oo. Oba is in Anambra state
Check on your girlfriends oo, We have landed.”

Alexx Ekubo then added twice in Igbo, “They will finish licking her.”

In a lengthy social media post in response to the video, the writer chastised the actors, accusing them of sexualizing young girls in their humor.

He wrote,

Joke taken too far.

Unfortunately, I do not find this funny. If it’s true or not, we shouldn’t glorify nonsense to the world so shamelessly.

And to see veteran actor and Lawyer, Kanayo O. Kanayo champion this seemingly musing that has turned to craze is quite disheartening. He’s a father that also has a grown daughter, who definitely would see this too.

The silly one seated right behind him who only miraculously skipped over ripe plantain, Alex Ekubo or whatever his name is, pridefully using vulgar words to sexualize young girls and ladies that are attending the weeklong burial/funeral of Obi Cubana’s mother at Oba just got engaged only recently to his American girlfriend.

Who knows; do we now wish him also that all those who reside in Nigeria and have girlfriends living abroad, should same unkind gesture befall them too?

This, to many may seem to be a joke, but it’s one taken too far. And our ladies should learn too and stop shaming the womenfolks. I’m just very angry at all these.

Unapologetically, I make bold to say that imaginations, thoughts, ideas, figments and acts conceived and concealed in the mind solely of discussed in private, and not brought to the public discuss is by far different from this stupidity of having to watch, listen or to read people normalize craze, folly and idiocy as right.

We mustn’t always do foolish things ignorantly, with purpose to sound woke or make a joke out of same. I swear down, this generation, our generation, my generation has a very very big problem. I’m sorry, the worst is underway.

Lastly, for the records, I am not a Saint. Far from it. I’m also not Deputy Jesus either. I’ve and do enjoy my private times with very close friends, and can as well, join in locker room talks. There’re times the cameras can’t be invited.

We must as a matter of huge importance quit normalizing laxity, vain glory, foolishness and plain stupidity as woke. The negative vibes therein speaks awfully. Even if everyone feels of it as normal, it isn’t. Make no mistakes about this – “wrong is wrong even if everyone accepts it as right; while right is right even if everyone thinks of it as wrong”.

And yes, I’ve my sanity intact and I wasn’t brought up that way; to sound or act woke. I was brought up well by strict disciplinarians as parents.

What do I know, they would now label me broke!


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