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UNBELIEVABLE! Pastor Adeboye Reveals What Happened To A Senator Who Tried To Condemn His Church (Details below)



Speaking in a viral video, Pastor Enoch Adeboye share a powerful testimony of how his children who lives outside the country started another branch of Redeemed Christian Church, and how a Senator tried to get a permanent injunction to stop him from dedicating the church.

Here is everything Pastor Adeboye said in the video:

“We wanted to dedicate a Church in one nation of the world, I won’ t mention the name because the whole world is listening. It’ s one of these powerful nations of the world. My children have built a very beautiful edifice, they’ ve asked me when I will be around to dedicate the Church, I gave them a date and then, they made announcement and began to advertise and a Senator.

One of the powerful men in the area heard about it and wrote to them and said, ” Over my dead body will you dedicate this Church. ” So, my children contacted me saying, ” Daddy, what do we do? Should we postpone the date of the dedication? Some people are suggesting that we should go to court or maybe we should postpone it till next year, so we’ ll have time to fast and pray? ”

I smiled, you see when the battle is too big for you, you don’ t need to fight, you just relax. Let God do the fighting. I told my children, I said the date remains. They asked, ” What are we going to do? ” I told them nothing, just keep on praising God. Well, a week before the day of dedication, the big Senator was getting dressed to go and get permanent injunction against us. So that the Church will never open and as he was getting dressed.

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He had already put his left leg on the left side of the trouser and for one funny reason or other, he put the right leg also in the same left side of the trouser and while he was struggling to free himself, he fell, knock his head against something and by the time they took him to the hospital, he was dead. Somebody said, ” Pastor, you mean you killed him? ” I said no, not me. He was the one that said, over his dead body. So, I’ m decreeing this morning, all those who say you will not reach your goal, you will attend their funeral. “

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