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Second Coming Of Military Regime, Buhari Set To Hand Over Power To Military- Senior Advocate Of Nigeria Reveals (Details below)



Robert Clarke, the attorney general of Nigeria, SAN, has called on President Muhammadu Buhari to temporarily hand over the government to the military to address the security and economic crisis in Nigeria.

According to Clarke, the military must temporarily take over the government and divide Nigeria into six states.

Clarke, who spoke during a TV program on Sunday Politics, said Buhari has the right according to the constitution to hand over all his powers to the military which would now be tasked with repatriating Nigeria into six states.

He stated; ” Now I am going to comment on this insecurity. I don’ t know if I might be correct or wrong… if anyone feels I’ m right, thank God, if they feel I’ m wrong let them tell me.

“There is now no dispute that Nigeria is on the verge of collapse. Nigeria must be transformed and the only way to change it is to create a state that will make the 1999 constitution unconstitutional in existence.

“We want a state of emergency in Nigeria today. As of today, the President, the Commander- in- Chief, has the power to delegate all his powers to the defense chief.

“Let him speak to the Senate, the House of Reps, the State Governors, and the House of Assembly Speakers that state of emergency has been created in Nigeria next week which means that all governments and legislatures must go.

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“After that, the military will now establish what we call six geopolitical zones. Let’ s start with that and allow military rule over these states.

“Reduce Nigeria to six regions and I assure you that the day Nigeria will be reduced to six states and there is a state of emergency, 80 percent of the money spent on administration will be returned to the treasury” .

The attorney general added, ” The military must take over for a while, return Nigeria to six geopolitical zones. There is legalism involved. So let’ s start there.

“No one is going to stop criminals in Nigeria today because it is a lucrative business. Look at what is happening in the Eastern region now, it is no more banditry. It’ s a civil war” .