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Watch Viral Video footage of Pastor Paul Adefarasin telling his congregation to have a plan B on leaving Nigeria



Pastor Paul Adefarasin has urged his congregation during a sermon to get a plan B to exit the country. According to him, even though he has faith, the reasonable thing to do at such a time as this is to have an exit plan to leave the country..

He described those in leadership as nutters and disclosed that his wife has gone ahead of him to secure the plan b to exit the country. He made these declarations at a sermon while discussing on the state of insecurity across the nation.

According to him, he can hold virtual services from anywhere in the world, but it would do Nigerians well to secure an alternative even if it is neighboring African countries, he warned.

The warning which was almost comical was potent as many upper class Nigerians indeed have dual citizenry while majority of the people who are vulnerable have no alternatives.