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Most of your church members are jobless, orphans and widows so why build a prison?” – Nana Yaa Brefo questions The Pentecost Church (Details below)



Broadcaster Nana Yaa Brefo has slammed the leadership of the Pentecost Church for building a prison camp at Ejura while the majority of their members are living very poorly, suffering and not getting food to eat.

She argued that the church should have prioritized the needs of the poor, the sick, widows and job seekers first before venturing into that project of the prison building.

“Why should you build prison when you have majority of people like the sick, the aged, Job seekers, widows and orphans suffering inside the church? Why o Why? Don’t you know you and your pastors could be sleeping there?” she angrily slammed.

As to her best knowledge, the suffering masses are all over. The church should fix their members first before going out to receive praise-singing which will please the public.

As a reminder, the Church of Pentecost under the leadership of chairman, Apostle Eric Nyamekye has built an ultra-modern prison to help decongest inmates in the majority of prisons in Ghana.

The Ejura Prison, located in the Ashanti Region, is one of many prisons that the church plans to build in different parts of Ghana.

Photos shared on social media show it is well-furnished and comes with a beautiful sports center, working area, kitchen, among others.

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