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22-year-old lady commits suicide after pastors tagged her as a witch (Video below)



A 22-year-old lady identified as Judith Appiah Kubi has reportedly taken her own life under very sad circumstances.

This unfortunate event occurred at a town called Assin Dawomako in the Central Region of Ghana.

According to reports, Judith has suffered maltreatment from her family following pastor’s claim that she is a witch.

On Friday, January 15, 2021, the pastors, Opoku Agyemang and Emma, had convinced the family that the deceased is the cause of her mother’s problems.

This led to hatred from the mother to point of the deceased being ejected from the family house and being disgraced in the small town they lived in.

Finding things difficult, the deceased had to stop schooling and relocate to Assin Foso where she was enrolled as a seamstress apprentice.

During her time at Assin Foso, the mother went to the shop she was learning her trade to disgrace her for ‘being a witch.’

Just a few days ago, the deceased’s landlord at Assin Foso asked to speak with her mother which she obliged. But her mother decided to badmouth her once gain and told the landlord that her daughter was a witch.

After the call, the deceased is said to have entered her room and consumed a full bottle of gramozone, a weedicide.

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She later collapsed and was rushed to the Saint Francis Xavier Hospital at Assin Foso.

She was admitted and later transferred to the Cape Coast Regional Hospital where she passed on.

Watch the video below for more ;