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See How Sunday Igboho’s Spokesperson Reacted After A Kidnapped Woman Was Murdered In Ayetoro (Details below)



Security is everyone’ s responsibility, and it should not be left solely in the hands of the police. To restore peace in the country, any suspicious movements must be reported immediately without any delay. Read how Sunday Igboho’ s spokesperson reacted after a kidnapped woman was murdered in Ayetoro.

Sunday Igboho’ s spokesperson, Olayomi Koiki, reported a few days ago that a woman had been kidnapped by some unknown Fulani men in Ogun state.

According to the statement he revealed that, on Monday evening, the woman was returning from her shop when she was stopped and eventually abducted along Ayetoro road.

The police were notified, and all attempts to apprehend the criminals were futile. They demanded a large sum of money, which the daughter and her family could not afford.

The woman was allegedly murdered by the kidnappers, according to Koiki media.

This is indeed very sad news; the family she left behind is struggling to accept the loss; they have no idea what the woman did to deserve such death.

It would be recalled that this woman’ s daughter made a long video thread telling the story and pleading with all Nigerians to come to their aid. In Ayetoro, her body was discovered in a nearby bush.

Koiki media went on to say that three different people were also kidnapped along the same route in Ayetoro.

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It would be a good idea if the government can deploy enough armed forces to the location to conduct a thorough search. The three victims must not be suffer the same way as this woman.

What are your thoughts and reactions to this as a Nigerians? kindly share your opinion on this in the comments section below. Thank you.

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