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ODUDUWA REPUBLIC: Nigerian Prophet Finally Speaks On What Will Happen To Sunday Ighoho And Nigeria (Details below)



In a now trending video, a famed Nigerian Prophet has revealed what the future holds for Yoruba activist Sunday lgboho and Nigeria as a country.

Prophet Olagunroye Fadehinmi a. k. a. is the founder of Mountain And Blessing Miracle Church Of Christ, he disclosed on how Nigeria will be in the next five years, as well as what will put an end to Sunday Igboho’ s struggle.

“Sunday Igboho is a man with a strong destiny; his destiny is like a blossom leaf of a palm tree, which most people like when it is young but discards as he grows older. ”

“My only prediction for his fight is that he will lose because the Yoruba will betray him” .

“Many who stood up for the Yoruba in the past failed, and they blamed themselves; Awolowo tried everything he could for the Yoruba and Nigeria, but what was the result of his humanity service? He was betrayed by the Yorubas” .

“Sunday Igboho should look for somewhere to hide because Nigeria will never be divided, and if caution is not exercised, he will be arrested in 2022” .

“There’ s no need for me to trick you. In 1992, I predicted that MKO Abiola would never be Nigeria’ s president, I said that another person from Yoruba race would succeed him, and it happened exactly as God predicted, He said” .

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What are your thoughts and reactions to this as a Nigerians?

What do you think about the World Seers Prophecy, will it come to pass or this is just another story to gain popularity?

Kindly share your opinion on this in the comments section. Thank you.

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