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See How A Beautiful Lady Was Caught With Stolen Clothes In Her Underwear (Photos below)



Shoplifting is a criminal act which involves the unauthorized removal of goods from a store without paying for it, typically by concealing the item in one’s pocket, under clothes or in bags.

Shoplifting may be caused by jealousy, low self-esteem, poverty or peer pressure. Sometimes people steal due the a psychological compulsion known as Kleptomania or compulsion stealing.

The shoplifter in this article visited the boutique with the mindset to steal some clothes. She went to the boutique with a well laid out plan by wearing an underwear which has a pocket and a zip in front where she could hide her goodies.

Unfortunately for her she was caught red-handed by owner of the shop whiles packing the stolen clothes in her underwear.

There was a mixed Reactions among the shoppers and on-lookers who couldn’t believe what is happening as they watch in awe as 7 pieces of clothes were pulled out one by one from her underwear.

She acted as though she was making a call whiles the clothes were pulled out with no show remorse on her face.

Check out more photos of her below;

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