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Nigerian is a Senseless Country, Where have we hard that the President of Ghana went to Any Country over Having a Rest (Details below)



Reno Omokri has reacted after the Sterling Bank CEO, Abubakar Suleiman blamed Nigerians who bad-mouth the country for Twitter’s decision to move their African headquarters to Ghana.

Omokri also blamed Buhari for making things worse for Nigerians, he asked if the president of Ghana had ever Travelled to London for medical checkup just like Buhari.

On Twitter, Reno Omokri wrote: ”Dear @Suleimana, Are you aware that on February 5, 2016, General @MuhammaduBuhari told the @Telegraph Nigerians have a reputation for crime? Or that on April 18, 2018, he told the Commonwealth Business Forum that Nigerian youths are lazy? Leave the “zoo” people and face the inconvenient truth. Buhari is Nigeria’s chief de-marketer.”

In another post, Reno gave further reasons the tech giant moved its headquarters to the West African country. He wrote; ”After what Gokada went through in Nigeria, coupled with the ill advised law suit a @MuhammaduBuhari acolyte filed against them, there is very little chance a company like Twitter will invest in Nigeria until this regime (or virus) goes.

“Under Buhari, our ease of doing business is so bad that it is easier for terrorists to get SIMs than law abiding residents. You can land in Ghana’s Kotoka International Airpot and get a SIM right at the airport. But a camel has to pass through the eye of a needle to get one in Nigeria.”

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“If the Buhari regime does not turn a new leaf (almost an impossibility), even Nigerian businesses and brands will be leaving Nigeria for Ghana. Several airlines and manufacturers left Nigeria for Ghana. Even our Grammy winners @WizkidAyo and @BurnaBoyGram prefer Ghana to Nigeria”

“HarassBuhariOutofLondon continues today. Let us send @MBuhari back to Nigeria to do what Ghana’s President is doing-providing leadership that attracts investments to his nation, instead of taking his country’s investment to London! Join us at Abuja House.”

“$200 is now ₦100,000 £100 is now ₦70,000 Boko Haram controls several towns in NE Bandits controls several towns in NW/NC And General @MBuhari is ‘resting’ in London? How can Nigeria’s leader rest when Nigeria is in economic and political unrest?”

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