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People Don’t Fear God Again – See What A Man Was Spotted Wearing On His Waist (Photos below)



You can agree with me that the rate at which some people get themselves involved in Fetish activities, is a clear indication that human beings don’t fear GOD again in this present time. There can never be a day that you will not see or hear things that will shock your bones. Several times have I asked myself why is it that some Men, who GOD took his time to create in his own image, would stoop so low to commit evil they will tarnish the image of GOD in their lives. Believe me when I say that, there is no power that can be measured up to the power of GOD. So it is advisable that you quit whatsoever thing that you involve yourselves in, which does not give Glory to GOD and his existence in our lives.

There is a trending photos which has gone viral virtually across all the social media platforms in Ghana, where an unidentified Man was spotted wearing some items on his body, which by all indications are believed to be fetish items that he must have gotten from a Fetish Priest or Priestess. Personally I really don’t know what made this Man decide to get himself involved in this, but based on my own perspective and observations, he must have decided to wear all those charms around his waist as a means of Protection.

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Below are the Photos of what a Man was spotted wearing in his Body:

According to the information gathered by a correspondent whose name was given as “Opeyemi, who took to his personal facebook wall to post the pictures stated that, the unknown Man never knew that what he was wearing was not covered properly by his cloth, so immediately he squat down to pick something from the ground, it displayed for the general public to see. And someone was very clever and fast enough to capture the images with his phone Camera. Thus this went viral within minutes.

“The unidentified Man never knew that the shirt he was putting on did not cover the fetish items he was wearing around his waist, so on bending down to pick something from the ground, the item got displayed and someone was quick enough to capture it with his cellphone”, Opeyemi Said.

Judging from the Photos that was shared online by the correspondent, there is every indication that this did not happen in Ghana, rather overseas because there is a white man standing close to him. And it seems he was being searched by the White Man, to check his luggage.

Many Social Media users took to the Post to react over what this man was spotted wearing in his Body. Where some said that he needed another power for some purposes best known to him. Others were of the opinion that whatever intention he had for wearing such thing, was never a good one.

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