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This Boy Was Caught Mercilessly Raping A Grandma Inside Bush Behind Primary School In Oyo (Details below)



Rape is a popular thing in Nigeria. both north, west, south, and east of Nigeria have a history of rape dated back to the ancient days. however, civilization failed to snatch rape away from us. in current Nigeria, father now rape daughter, son raise mother, uncles no longer no it’ s a curse to rape their niece, teachers rape student and even artisan won’ t hesitate to rape a customer. the reason why rape is rampant is probably that the punishment passed on rapist is too small, maybe if government signs death sentence for rapists they will begin to caution their John Thomas.

In Oyo State, a boy who is still a teen was caught mercilessly raping a woman who is surely a grandma and old enough to have. the boy as a great- grandson. the incidence occurred in the deep bush behind Kajola Primary School in Oyo.

The grandma was heard shouting for help, she was screaming and despite her loud voice, this boy did not let her go, he thinks no one will hear her or come to her rescue since the evil act is been carried out indefinitely de forest for as faith may have it, passersby heard the loud voice of the septuagenarian rush into the bush. at first, they thought it was kidnapped or ritualist trying to use the aged woman but it was a young motorcyclist knack old woman anyhow.

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Angry mobs did not allow him to explain anything, they joined hands together to beat him mercilessly but can beating be enough for this evil boy? after enough beaten that left him almost unrecognizable, he was handed over to the police where hell be charged to court and befitting sanction for his crime will be served.

An eyewitness whose name is Abolarin Funmi said that it is not the first time seeing the boy coming out from the bush. she sees him park his Okada around and enter the bush.

People testified against him saying he was known for raping aged people because he wanted to know how sweet aged people are. The old woman said she will never forgive the twenty- two years old boy because she is old enough to have him as a grandchild, not even a child.

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