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See The Origin Of Biafra, And How The Name Came About (Details below)



The term ” Biafra” is frequent to many people in Nigeria, however now not all that is aware of the starting place of the name, or how it came about.

The name came from the Bight of Biafra, or Mafra, which is gotten from a city in Southern Portugal with the identical name. The Bight of Biafra, as indicating a country, fell into disuse in the nineteenth century.

But a map from 1710 indicates that the area known as Biafra was once positioned in present- day Cameroon. And that is where the name Biafra was coined from.

The phrase Biafra is not an Igbo word, neither does it have its starting place from there. It is a foreign word.

According to the late Col. Joe Achuzia, people have a tendency to forget about the paradox about the Igbo. The phrase Igbo is now not a tribal identity, it is linguistic identity. It is a language of a humans at the same time residing in the jap region that used to be recognised as Southern Sudan. From the 14th, 15th, and sixteenth centuries, the region used to be acknowledged as Southern Sudan. That is the place the humans known as Biafrans lived, hence the Bight of Biafra.

The lifeless veteran stated that there would in no way have been a Bight of Biafra if no humans were occupying the mainland.

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Well, it makes experience when you are searching at it from that context. Even the earliest travelers and explorers had additionally made countless references to Biafra, Biafra, and Biafares in their account the s.

One of these earliest vacationers used to be Rev. Charles W. Thomas. And he in his accounts even went as a long way as describing the places of islands in the Bight of Biafra. And people in that place described Biafra to be the land this is immediately adjoining to the Bight of Biafra.

What this capability that Biafra used to be in existence, and it was once a land inhabited by using people, even before the Europeans came and formed Nigeria.

So Biafra isn’ t an Igbo word, neither does its beginning have any traces to Igbo history or culture.

For these who did not understand the foundation of the word, or how it got here about, I trust this article has been of benefit to you.

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