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OH MY GOD! Suspected Yahoo Boy Escapes Death As Angry Students Burnt His Toyota Venza (Photos below)



The students, staff, and residents of Osun State Polytechnic observed a terrifying incident as angry youths endeavored to lynch a young man suspected of being an internet fraudster.

According to reports reaching media, the suspected Yahoo Boy (Internet Fraudster) had an accident that affected a commercial motorcyclist locally referred to as Okada Man.

The young man who was driving a Luxurious White Toyota Venza had a head- on collision with the victim. After the accident, the driver tried to flee the scene before he was encircled by an angry mob who began physically assaulting him.

The young man managed to escape. Nevertheless, his car was burnt to ashes by the mob. The angry youths believed the driver did it for ritualistic objectives.

From the footage which was disseminated on the internet, the person behind the camera could be heard narrating the incident in the Yoruba language.

He substantiated that the Okada Man died immediately and that was what escalated the event. This is a very disturbing incident. Jungle justice is never the answer. The police should have been affected in the carryout investigation.

The government needs to assess strict laws against mobbing and jungle justice to deter such occurrences in the future.

Earning money is good when you make it legitimately. Make money today and die tomorrow is useless because when you do, the money will be left for people who didn’ t even know what you passed through before getting the wealth.

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The best thing is to live happily and strive gently, someday things will get better, you would have every reason to live long in future and enjoy with your families.

Yahoo boys are like the rejects in our society from the perspective of a moral Nigerian. They are seen as bad eggs. These guys have given us a bad name in the international community, the scam and defraud unsuspecting persons of their resources mostly money. Most online shopping websites have blacklisted Nigeria.