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“Na By Force? ”- See Photos Of The Bridal Shower That Got People Talking (Photos below)



Ladies do bridal shower a day or two before their white wedding. It’ s a special moment for the bride and her female friends before her wedding. The beautiful lady in the photo above got many reactions because of her bridal shower photos.

People discovered some things in these beautiful bridal shower photos posted by a lady. In the photos, the bride to be and her five female friends were seen sitting on a mat for the bridal shower. They wore different outfits instead of uniform and their hairstyle looks so simple.

For me, this beautiful lady that is about to get married is a blessing to her husband. She is contented with what she has and very proud of who she is. She managed what she has without putting pressure on her self because of the Bridal shower. Congratulations to the bride.

This was posted by a lady on a Facebook group named Ibom rants.

Check out the photos below:

The beautiful bride and her wonderful friends during her bridal shower.

Many people reacted to this post because they were surprised to see the bride and her friends sitting on the mat. Although some congratulated her, while some criticised her.

Check out their comments below:

Congratulations to you beautiful bride, your new home is blessed. To avoid public disgrace and criticism like this let’ s avoid some things if we know we’ re not up to it; I mean, the bride should have neglected doing the bridal shower when she knows she’ s not capable. Anyways Congratulations to her

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What do you have to say to the bride and her friends? don’ t you think that bridal shower stuff is unnecessary? talk to us in the comments box below

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