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Meet The Man Who Found Love While In Prison And Got Married There, See How It Happened (Photos below)



Love knows no bounds and exclusive testimonies across the world have validated the fact that love is a sturdy wand that is capable of making people do things they wouldn’ t have idea of doing.

Life in prison for many human beings is condemnation however some people established their destiny as prisoners and already making a dwelling out of it.

California State Prisoner, Joseph, who is presently serving a jail term for murder at maximum jail in California State Prison in Sacramento is one of these human beings who turned his prison life around to make some thing uncommon out of it.

Joseph grew up in California, lived in a world of poverty and abuse where he used to be thrown into crimes and drug dealings at a very younger age. At the age of 19, Joseph alongside his group members attacked and killed individuals of a rival drug crew and was once arrested after the survival of the crime indicted him as one of the attackers.

He grew up to emerge as a man in a maximum- security prison in California where he stated he felt remorseful of his crime and felt he was not the one who dedicated the crime due to the fact he used to be simply like a zombie at that age when he perpetrated the crime.

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Just like a twist of fate, while he was nevertheless in jail for his crime, Joseph determined love in the hand of a 47- year- old mother, Tracy, who came to operate at the prison.

During an interview with Oprah, Joseph referred to as in from his prison in California and stated he knew he has found love in Tracy the moment he met her and even forgot he was once in prison.

Tracy didn’ t care about the offense that received her new husband into the most prison, all that matters is that Joseph is a changed individual and she discovered actual love in the hand of Joseph in spite of being a prisoner.