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JUST IN: See What Nigerians in London did to President Buhari on Arrival (Video below)



Some Nigerians have gone to the Nigeria House in London to protest against the presence of President Muhammadu Buhari in the country.

The protesters were seen holding descriptions such as “Buhari Must Go”, “Tell Nigerians the truth”.

During the EndSARS protest, the Nigerians in London also made the same protest when they heard that President Buhari was in the country for his routine medical checkup.

The angry Nigerians stormed the House when they confirmed the president was there and caused a commotion that led to Buhari allegedly fleeing from that location to another place.

A social media user who shared the information said “Hundreds of protesters of Nigeria descent have stormed the Nigeria House in London, awaiting the arrival of President Muhammadu Buhari who is on a two weeks medical trip.”

A Twitter user with the name AfricaConnect also posted “Nigerians in the UK waited for Buhari outside Wellington Hospital in London,

They wanted him to go back to Nigeria for his medical check-up. #Buharimustgo”

Buhari Must Go Protesters in London #BuhariMustGo

Also, Omoyele Sowore, SaharaReporter publisher, shared the information by posting: “Nigerians in the UK camp out outside Wellington Hospital in London, waiting to chase out of the UK to come back to Nigeria for his medical check-up. #Buharimustgo”

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Watch the video below:

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