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Pastor Odumeje has Been Criticized by Igbos After What he was Spotted Doing This (Photos below)



Most people in Igbo Land were traditionalists before Christianity arrived. However, after Christianity was introduced, a large number of people converted to Christianity. Despite the fact that the majority of Igbos have converted to Christianity, many Igbos still practice their ancestral faith.

“Igba Afa” is one of the religion’s components. IGBA AFA is a way for people to figure out what’s behind their misfortunes. In this manner, the host, who is usually a native doctor, performs some spiritual consolations in order to discover the causes of a specific issue that has befallen someone.

Pastor Odumeje was recently seen in a video mocking Traditionalists. He was seen sitting in a Native doctor’s chair, as well as playing with and mocking the equipment of a Native doctor. In “Igba Afa,” the native doctors use these methods. Pastor Odumeje also chastised and insulted the Native doctor, calling their conduct “stupid.”

This however caused mixed reactions from Nigerians especially Igbos. Many people accused him of disrespecting the Igbo tradition

Ever since this video was posted on Facebook, it has been generating lots of reactions from people

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