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I Wonder Why A Governor Should Permit The Use An Offensive Attack By The Nigerian Army In Akwa Ibom And Benue State (Details below)



The Nigerian Military this week launched offensive attacks in Akwa Ibom and Benue State.

But Shiekh Gumi is still allowed to visit Al- Qaeda and demand Amnesty for them.

You all know what is going on, and choose to say nothing, that silence will consume Nigeria.

I wonder why the Governor will permit the use of such offensive attack in a largely residential environment.

Is that how the Nigerian military are trained? Dislodge criminal elements with bombs? Are we at war?

If you treat a Multi- ethnic nation like an Animal Farm where some people are more equal than some.

That restructuring you are running from, you will get it by force.

Most of the security problems in Nigeria today were caused by the kangaroo nature of the Nigeria security. And when it becomes full blown, you will see them attending churches and mosques not to get deployed. I mean how do you carry out such carnage?

The fact is that the Nigerian Army is actually fighting in different parts of the nation softening any possible resistance. While the heavily armed bandits, Boko Haram and the Herdsmen are left growing stronger. The world given the impression terrorism is going on all over the country as SE is incorporated.

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At this point, if Benue State raises a militia to begin attacking security forces, I do not think I will blame them. How the government turns a blind eye to these killings by the military but encourage negotiations with ‘ bandits’ is a 6- unit course.

Well, I wonder why Shiekh Gumi will talk with them when the people carrying out the attack on civilians are the people he requested amnesty for(repented BH) and were made to join the Nigerian Army and cause more mayhem since all they know is to handle guns, how else can they keep them busy?

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