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Nigerian Woman caught in the act: “I slept with another man because my husband didn’t pay to marry me” [Video]



This 43 year old nigerian woman was caught in the act with another man by her husband.

This comes after a video went viral on social media which is believed to have been posted by her husband, whom she has been with for over 4 years.

After the trend of this video the woman decided to open a case at a local police station against her husband for “Defamation of self image”, the 43 year old told the police that her husband should not have been justified to post the video on social media as they are not legally married.

According to instagram this woman explained in a video that the man was married in the US and he had a son, when she confronted him about this multiple times he would deny it.

Until one day she asked him about the rumours she heard, the man confessed the truth and confirmed that he was indeed married in the United States and that he did have a legal wife and they had a son. She said in the video.


The woman further explained that on the day the video was taken, her husband came with her sisters and SARS police which carried shovels and wanted to forcefully remove her from the house to walk the streets naked she said.

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She was saddened by the act of her husband but she also says she wishes to not see him near her or their daughter, and she does not want him to pay the bridal price anymore because his actions proved to her that he probably does not love her anymore as he was able to lie about his marriage and son in the US and he was also able to embarass her by posting that video and images on social media to trend.