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“I used my menstrual bløød to prepare banku with pepper for my cheating boyfriend for five years” – Lady Confesses (Details below)



A wicked Ghanaian slay queen has confessed to how she used to prepare meals with her menstrual blood for her cheating boyfriend.

According to her, her cheating has been enjoying food missed with menstrual blood for the past five years.

The lady, yet-to-be-identified said she wanted to punish her boyfriend for cheating on her regardless of her effort to make him happy.

Read the full message below:

Hi Celebritiesbuzz, my name is Rita from Nima, I have done something to my boyfriend who has been cheating on me with my best friend for a couple of months now that I want to share with you.

I have regretted it but I also think that’s the best way to punish him for cheating on me. During Christmas, he told me that, he will be travelling to see his mum in Kumasi which was a total lie. He didn’t travelled to Kumasi as he told me rather he went and enjoyed the Christmas with my best friend at her house in Ashaiman.

Can you imagine how much I love you him before he is doing that to me…. we’ve been dating for 5 years but he never talk about proposing to me and putting a ring on my fingers. He slapped me twice when I tried asking him about the relationship between him and my friend Anita and I also decided to punish him by using my last month menses to prepare banku and pepper mixed with tomatoes for him to eat

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He ate the food and wanted to sleep with me the same night and I refused. I still love him because he is my first guy and now my conscience is disturbing me and I don’t know what to do… I can see that, he is really in love with my friend Anita and I am all frustrated right now.