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“My Husband and I Agreed Another Man Should Impregnate Me” – The Full Toyin and Dotun Story (Details below)



Now THIS is what you call an interesting story.

Over the last couple of hours, this story of a couple who are currently in court because they both agreed that the wife be impregnated by another man has been circulating the internet. Upon seeing it, I was as you can imagine very intrigued and decided to read more about the court case. Woo! It is JUI-CY. And there is so much discussion to have from it because there are so many sides to the story.

So without further ado, here is the full story of the Toyin and Bello Dotun court case. It’s a very interesting case so let’s go!

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Mr. Bello Dotun and Mrs. Toyin Dotun have been married for 11 years. They came to a Customary Court sitting in the Mapo Area of Ibadan to request the dissolution of their 11 year marriage. Speaking to the court, this is how their story goes.

The Story.

According to Mrs. Toyin Dotun, she got married to Mr. Bello eleven years ago and during that time gave birth to one child for him. Unfortunately during the course of their marriage, the child died and since the death of their child, Mrs. Toyin says that Mr. Bello has stopped being intimate with her, in fact she says, he REFUSES to be intimate with her.

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According to her, a year after her marriage, she decided to build a house – a house which her husband, Mr. Bello moved into. For several months after this, she begged him for another child but Mr. Bello refused insisting that he was on medication and that his doctor had given him clear instructions not to move close to any woman otherwise the drugs wouldn’t work.

Mr. Bello then confessed to the court that his doctor told him that he cannot reproduce anymore. He said that after his doctor confirmed it to him, he went ahead and told Toyin.

Toyin said that upon hearing the news, the both of them, as a couple, AGREED to go outside and have another man impregnate her in a bid to cover up the shame that came with Mr. Bello’s inability to give her children. She said that with the mutual agreement of both of themselves, she went ahead and had sex with another man. The sex resulted in a pregnancy and after a few months, Toyin went ahead to welcome her second child into the world.

Now, the complication comes in the story. The reason why the matter is being brought to court is that Toyin now says that after she had the baby, Bello stopped taking care of her and the child despite the fact that he was living under HER roof and had been doing so for almost ten years.

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She said the both of them live like roommates – no intimacy between them and she is tired of it.

THEN, Mr. Bello said that he NEVER agreed to allow another man impregnate his wife. He said that despite the fact that he knew the baby wasn’t his, he still took the child as his own and has no intention or will to dissolve the marriage.

He told the court that he sees Toyin as his destiny helper and has been unable to take care of her and the baby because of financial lack. He also said that while he cannot reproduce, he can still perform and had once tried to make a move on Toyin. He said that she refused and went on to call him a violent man and so since then, he has had to become careful with her.

Toyin says that the house is hers and that he’s not making her happy anymore so she wants him out and she wants a divorce, but Bello is not willing to go.

What do you think about all this? It’s a very interesting case to me. I’d really love to hear your thoughts on the matter. Please leave a comment under the Facebook post and let’s talk.