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How my boyfriend called me a snake and denied being in a relationship – Lady shares



A lady has narrated how her boyfriend threw shades at her after she claimed to be a random chic who got his number from a platform..

According to her story, after she claimed another person’s identity, she sent downloaded chic pictures to her boyfriend who quickly claimed he was single.

Read her story below;

“I sent my boyfriend a message on my other phone acting all coy as one chic who just took his number on a platform. I even sent some fine downloaded chic pictures and videos for him.

Only to ask my guy if he’s single and he said yes but he has one girl forcing herself on him and he doesn’t like her at all because he claimed I look like a snake. So I asked him to send her picture. Lo and behold this dude sent my pictures as the snake looking girl forcing herself on him. I mean said by the guy who begged to date me for three months o”.