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After This Army Officer Slapped a Nigerian International Footballer, See What He Did (Video below)



Nigerians are pained about how some men in uniform abuse their power on the people they were meant to protect. It was one of the reasons Nigerians started a peaceful protest which ended violently last year, 2020.

The Nigerian force needs to be reformed and it’s members need to undergo training, so as to do their jobs professionally. Also, men in uniform are not above the law, they don’t have the right to do whatever they wish without fear.

A video has gone viral about how a Nigerian Army officer identified as Nasiru slapped a Nigerian International footballer, Chikeluba Francis at ShopRite road along garden avenue Enugu.

The army personnel who was obviously driving in the wrong lane to cut out the traffic jam on the road clashed with the footballer and slapped him but it led to another thing. The footballer and his friend blocked him and the army officer brought out a machete to attack them. He also announced that he would be charging him to court soon for abuse.

Watch video below:

After this video went viral, many instagram bloggers like and others posted it and it got people’s attention. They were happy how they were able to stand on their right and refused to be intimidated with uniform.

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