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Unless This Man Is Removed From Office, Bola Tinubu May Never Become President In 2023 (Details below)



There is a plan to stop Tinubu from becoming a president in 2023 but many Nigerians do not know it.

Some strong men have decided a plan to cripple Tinubu’s presidential bit before the 2023 Election. They do not want to leave or give him any chance to get the APC ticket. This agenda became clear after Abdulrasheed Bawa was appointed as the EFCC Chairman.

Now let me explain to those who may not understand what I’m Saying.

I believe that many Nigerians are fed up with the current administration and by 2024, they will come together to vote for a person who is not from the north.

From the look of it, Tinubu bus one of the most popular politician in Nigeria, he is well connected and has a strong force behind him. Many People have begin to commence campaign for Tinubu’s presidency even though Tinubu has not declared his interest.

However, if the plan works and Tinubu becomes president, so many People will be replaced. We should know that 80 percent of all Institution in Nigeria bis headed by a Northerner.

If Tinubu becomes president, this will chance and these northern heads will no longer be in Government. Due to this, Malami may have recommend Abdulrasheed Bawa as the EFCC Boss in other to pin Bola Tinubu down and charge him with corruption charges.

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Since Abdulrasheed Bawa resumed Office, he has been so interested in Tinubu’s assets. He’s looking for a way to pin him down in other to end his Political career. This is a plan to stop Tinubu in other from becoming president on 2023.

Those who are interested in becoming president in 2023 seems to have found a way to slow down Tinubu. This is their agenda.

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