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Bus Driver Enjoy A Female Passenger Who Lost Her Transport Fare (Video below)



Boy are not smiling and to some guys, there is nothing like “please help me” in their dictionary. If you need a favour then you must pay either in cash or in-kind just as in the case of this stranded passager.

According to reports reaching our camp, an innocent South African lady has paid the price in the hands of a Trotro driver for being careless after she lost he transport fair.

The video which has since gone viral as usual shows the moment the bus driver was enjoying the forbidden fruit of the lady, by the roadside.

More reports confirm that the lady agreed to be ch00ped after she refuses to pay the driver while explaining that she lost her transport fare.

They say nothing goes for nothing, so the driver took his time to scr£w h£r very well from the back in exchange for her transport fare.

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