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This Is Not A Snake, It Is The Hair Of 83 Year – Old Woman Who Refuses To Cut Her Hair For 64 Years (Photos below)



When I see the pictures of her hair, I thought it is a snake, I thought she’ s fond of rearing snake as pet, until in look closely and realized it is her hair. Imagine carry this kind of snake looking hair on your head for years, didn’ t she feel headache?

A woman who is 83 years of age from Ben Tre Province of Vietnam named Nguyen Thi Dinh stopped cutting her hair when she was just 19 years old. Currently, the hair on her head measures six meters in length.

The python- shaped hair came as an outcome of Nguyen’ s bad hair day at a salon. She claimed she felt serious headache when she cut her hair for the very first time at age 19. The headache was bad to the extent that she have to be taken to doctor but all prescribed drugs didn’ t work. The headache continues and continues to disturb her without any working treatment both traditional and medical. She kept suffering.

Until her hair began to grown back, headache continues to hinder her activities but immediately she started growing long hair, the headache disappeared. Since the hair is long, she no longer feel pain but immediately she washed the hair, it began to hurt has so bad that she decided not to wash it anymore. She doesn’ t cut the hair ans she doesn’ t wash it as well, isn’ t that strange? Instead of cutting and washing, she rather pack it up making it look like dreadlocks.

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She’ s 83 years old and her hair grows upto 10cm long per year. Her hair hinders her movement yet she didn’ t barb it off. She would rather call people around her to tie it for her. What a stressful way to live.

For scientists in the house, what explanations can be given to this woman having headache anytime she cut or pour water on it.

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