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JJ Okocha And Kanu Proved Themself As The Kings Of Football Once Again Yesterday, Check Out What They Did (Photos below)



Even if he was invited to join the Nigerian teams, Jay Okocha may never return to his prior glory.

Players from the Kogi Super Eagles (ColfGene doping case) legends like Jay Okocha, Kanu, and other famous ex-Eagles were asked to help Confluence Stadium introduce today’s players to the sport of e CNG Athletics on the ground of Kanu Nwoke and Bello Olloko the various subjects had a session in the Loko Championships.

It was then that Okocha and Kanu’s star player opened up a huge scoring gap from their team, who then brought her former squad members level, bringing the game to the in-it Yahaya Bello and the Yahaya team being first players in that ended up to a penalty for the underdogs, and her stars who followed her are being players from the opponent’s position and had it drawn up.

Nwankwo and Okocha, who left field when they were in their twenties, even though they’ve taken many long strides since their playing days, performed magnificently as players for South African Jay Waves for some years.

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