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She is A Nigerian Soldier but She Slays like a Model, Meet Porch The Army girl (Photos below)



The difference between a uniformed personnel (soldier) from a civilian is that a soldier have pledged his or her life to the country and to drive away every evil person that wants to cause mayhem or crises in the country.h

No doubt the Nigeria Army has been through some kind of hard and tedious form of training and due to this singular reason, most of the men and women become very hard after going through this. The Nigeria Army personnel should be encouraged by everyone and most especially the government because they risk their life on a daily basis, left their homes and family, their pleasure and even their comfort just to make sure you and I are safe.

Despite all this, a young Nigerian Female soldier who is name as Porch_Armygirl on her instagram account has beaten all odds and even though she is a trained soldier she still looks very beautiful and good outside her uniform.

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