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After The Killings Of Navy Officers And Police In Anambra, See What Aisha Yusufu Told Nigerians (Details below)



The speed at which insecurity challenges are spreading across Nigeria can undoubtedly be seen as hypertensive. The sharp increase in banditry and kidnappings in Nigeria is indeed questionable given that all security agencies fight steadfastly and vigilantly against all perpetrators in Nigeria.

Killings of citizens and even security personnel are becoming the norm in Nigeria, which will be seen as a failure in all its ramifications.

Journalists from the reported that six police and naval officers were killed in Anambra.

Minutes after reporters from the Sahara broadcast that six police and navy officers had been killed by attackers, many Nigerians broke into the comments section and abandoned their take on the security situation in Nigeria.

The above statement has shown my Nigeria that there are many people who share a similar opinion with him, but rest assured that this kind of opinion can only be found in the skulls of unpatriotic citizens as our valiant soldiers always fight with them. leeches, Boko Haram terrorists, bandits and kidnappers relentlessly.

As the Killing Naval Officers and Police report went viral on social media platforms, Aisha Yusufu set out to secure a Twitter account where she was broadcasting her take on the ongoing atrocities in Nigeria.

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As she drops the above statement which shows that even security personnel are not spared in this country by leeches, her supporters, who are Nigerians, have also attached their views in her comments section.

In my personal opinion, president Muhammad Buhari will soon end the challenges of insecurity in Nigeria, as he has already changed the army chief of staff.

With the insecurity in the country at a very high point as our security guards, such as the police, army, navy and air force being killed every day, what is the guarantee? that we, the citizens of the country, will be able to survive this high level of insecurity in the country.