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See What Area Boys Did To A Lady Who wore Transparent Cloth to The Market (Video below)



According to a video posted on Twitter by Gossip Mill , area boys were seen harassing a young lady for wearing a transparent cloth that shows her underwear to the market. The lady was on a bike before the incident happened, the guys were seen slapping her backside and telling her not to wear such cloth to the market again.

The video has generated different reactions on social media, some Nigerians condemned the actions of the area boys, saying that the lady has the right to wear whatever she likes without any remorse. Others said it is wrong for her to wear such transparent cloth to the market. What’s your take on this? Is it right for her to wear the cloth to the market?

See some reactions below;

Ifeoma said: “There’s nothing like she should have entered uber or used a private car.

This is uncalled for and should be addressed body should be harassed for dressing the way they want both male and female because it’s their body and they owe nobody nothing.”

Watch Video Below;

Wale said: “ENVIRONMENTALLY, Her outfit is bad in that kind of area, By this time of the day. A cab would have bn beta

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REALISTICALLY, Those Agberos (Thugs) should be arrested for harassing the young lad.

PSYCHOLOGICALLY, All of them are mad! Both the lady, BikeMan & the Agberos”

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