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SHOCKING: Lagosians In State Of Panic As Paranoid Indian National Guards House With Lion (Photos below)



Everyone wants there to be the utmost type of security in his house that is why they invest in various security measures like buying and installing close circuit television (CCTV), installing motion sensors, hiring private security outfits and installing alarms.

But this Indian resident in Lagos decided to take it to a level where the thief, and anybody else would think twice about breaking in. He decided to guard his house with a lion!

Reports have it that the operatives of the Lagos State Environmental Sanitation and Special Offences (Enforcement) Unit have surrounded a house being guarded by a lion on Muri Okunola Street, Victoria Island.

Pressmen gathered that the bust came after residents petitioned the state government on the presence of the wild animal in the house.

The state government swung into action deploying officials to the house.

The animal in question is reported to belong to an Indian national who rented an apartment in the house.

Mr. Yinka Egbeyemi, the Head of the task force team, told pressmen in an interview that he had the instruction of the Commissioner for the Environment and the Ministry of Agriculture to tranquilise and contain the animal.

Arrangements have been made by the state government to subsequently transfer the lion to a zoo.

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Egbeyemi noted that the Indian might also be prosecuted, as he would have to explain how he brought the carnivore into the state.

According to the official, “the lion was found on No. 229 Muri Okunola Street. Our Black Maria and men have been there since Friday. They will remove the animal on Monday.

“The Indian man rented the apartment and lied to the owner of the house that he wanted to be staying there.

“He claimed that the house was under renovation and brought the animal there.

“The neighbours saw the thing and that was how we got a petition from them.

“We have sent him a letter that he should come and talk to us. So, by tomorrow (Monday), we will like to know how he got the animal.

“He will have to tell us why he is rearing a lion in a city; that is a wild animal and anything can happen. So, he may be prosecuted.”

There are a million and one questions that comes to mind when thinking of this issue. First among them is how this Indian national got to get his hands on a lion.

It is understood that lions are endangered species and are protected by wildlife laws the world over –especially in the capture and trafficking of these animals. It is worthy to note that for one to be able to possess this animal, adequate measures would be taken, both by the state and the individual to ensure a safe environment for such animal.

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Another question that begs attention is how this Indian national got to bring this animal into the shores of the country without the knowledge of the authorities.

We understand that the borders of this country are porous to a very large extent, but we also know that the smuggling of such merchandise is bound to attract attention from the authorities.

One also wonders if the alleged owner has not been using the animal for some type of extracurricular activity involving the potential demise of people who may have gotten on his black book.

Whatever the answers are one thing is sure and that is the fact that the residents of that part of Lagos would sleep safer knowing that this threat has been eliminated.